Open Source Contributions

  • Contributed to PSSI sponsored opensource platform for conducting & managing Python workshops with over 50 merged commits. Django

  • The project I worked on during the outreachy internship. Python | Ansible

  • Had worked on two patches that got merged #25822 #25913. Python

  • Fixed a minor bug in the project. The project is now revamped as staticman. The comments on this blog are also powered by Jekyll-Discuss, an instance of which I maintain myself. node.js | bash

  • Reported an issue with organization permissions. Django

My Projects

  • An application to make BSE's bhavcopy data searchable. BSE releases zipped copies of stock prices listed in a CSV file daily. This app provides a web interface to see the data in a tabular form and adds a search functionality.

    Django Rest Framework | Vue.js | python-requests | lxml | redis

  • A desktop based python application to provide a simple yet powerful interface to download content from internet easily. It is a desktop application with binaries for all major operating systems.

    wxpython | python-requests

  • A web application for comparing the performance of various encryption algorithms based on key length and content length.

    Django | pycrypto | python-blowfish | nvd3

  • Py-Google-Auth

    Headless implementation of Google web login (with support for 2-Step Verification) in Python. It exposes a high-level Python module and REST API that can be used for headless login on Google Accounts. The API supports 2-step verification if it is enabled on Google Account being used.

    python-requests | BeautifulSoup | Falcon

  • IIPS Mobile App

    Hybrid mobile app developed for my college for easily communicating information on sysllabus, class and exam schedules etc.

    Ionic | Express.js | PostgreSQL | Sequelize

  • Drop to Slack

    A mini Flask app created as a temporary alternative for Slack's mobile app when it was not available for windows earlier. It could send a message to any channel or private chat using slack's web hooks.

    Flask | web-hooks