Swati Jaiswal

She is currently a Developer at CivicDataLab. She is an Open Source enthusiast and loves to code (in Python mostly).


She was a Shubber(that's what a member is called there) at Scrapinghub from July '17-July '18.
Before that, she interned at Doselect from Jan-March '17. (read what they say about her Here) and also in Outreachy round 12(May-August '16). You can find more in this post.
She has also worked with a tech startup named HashGrowth in 2016.
She was a trainee then technical mentor and software developer at Development Center in IIPS from 2014-2015. This place was the beginning of her tech journey. She was mentored by Ankit Kulkarni here. Find more here.


Apart from coding, she likes to dance, read, write poems, blog, and meditate. She is not much socially active but, you can find her around.

Signing out... Have a Nice Day!!!