Being a socially awkward individual (yes, in lack of a better word) I usually refrain from conversations with people on various sensible or important topics. It is not because I don’t have any opinions or thoughts on them, it’s just I’ve never bothered about such conversations with real people because all those conversations actually go nonstop in my own head. The brain, being a thinking machine, is continuously running, generating all kinds of thoughts, opinions, views, reflections, stories, imaginations, introspections, conversations, ideas, dreams etc etc. I usually am very careful while conversating on topics of interest, not revealing too much of my side and just listening and then framing responses in my own head.


Well, because I never found either the conversations or my thoughts important to share. But in recent times, after having really meaningful conversations with few of the close friends (which also includes my dearest colleagues from CivicDataLab) I am coming to realize the importance of such conversations. That, how they are not just limited to the two people’s lives and how common the situations and learning are among a lot of individuals. Conversations (as a means of communication) are a key to share the wisdom you gain through life (which also mostly came from others’ sharings). Yes, it’s no new found knowledge, but just to reiterate, conversations (i.e. communication) is one of the reasons the human race has survived so long and keeps evolving.

After contemplating for a long time (almost a month), I finally rose close to the action and here laying down the anchor. The motivation to instantly act actually came from a friend and former colleague Arun Sudarsan, who also recently started blogging regularly and have been sharing them almost daily.

Writing is anyway something I already do a lot, this is how I trace my own evolution through time and the age. But never before I thought of sharing them all with the outer world like this. I’m opening up the world of my brain for you to read and enter. You can write back to me if you’ve got reflections on them or would just like to have meaningful conversations. You could also leave comments for any critical feedback or any positive responses whatsoever, that will be the way I might figure if the writing is actually making sense or not.

I’ll be tagging all such posts under opinion, so you can also find them all together. See you here again, till then, Stay Tuned!

Disclaimer: I own my thoughts/opinions/reflections and unless I’m deliberately hurting someone’s sentiments, I feel having the right to not alter them.