Scene 1: There’s a wedding procession getting started which the family is prohibiting. The reporter friend of the groom insists and instill some courage in the family to go on with the procession but they don’t want to face the wrath of the upper cast by doing the procession which apparently is not allowed for them.

Scene 2: the procession is going on and as a result some people beat up the groom and all the people in the procession. Groom’s cousin gets beaten up very bad. His sister and the reporter friend lodges an FIR for attempt of murder. As a result, the goons’ families (upper castes so is told) kidnaps the doctors in the hospital (where the beaten up man was taken for treatment) and won’t allow the treatment until the FIR was taken back.

Scene 3: A saintly baba (so is shown) with a huge following, enters the hospital and gets the goons to surrender and help the victim get treatment. He also resolves the disputes and supports the oppressed.

Above is a description of some scenes from a new series called “Ashram” by Prakash Jha.

Well the series is about just the opposite of what the scenes describe above. I wish if people in power could actually make noble use of the power they have. Afterall this power they literally have because of the faith people show (which they keep obliging in their great speeches).
But then do nobles actually make it that big? I don’t think so. Power is a consequence of cunningness and all other things ill intended. If the deeds were truelly good and in good faith, they might not survive long. Yes there are multiple example to counter this, there have been huge movements that stemmed from purely good intentions (or so they were endorsed). but when it comes to these powerful empires that run over decades from faith, I’m afraid but examples are scarce in the contrary.
I still find it difficult to understand this whole mesh, but what probably are the causes that only ill intentioned make it to the top. Or is it reverse, do they become ill intentioned after reaching the top. Yes, people say that it’s one thing to talk about nobelity and another to actually follow. But why is that so, don’t noble deeds do good for a majority, by this logic, shouldn’t they get more support amd thrive. In this big puzzle I really can’t make it to that part where someone’s harm brings prosperity to someone else. Oh well, when we talk about food cycle, they can possibly justify but when it comes to humans, does it apply? Do we really need to harm or kill another human (without them doing any harm to us in the first place) in order to thrive. Is it some law of nature? I’m still in the process of figuring this out, to find out whether the world we are introduced to as children is actually just a fairy tale and the real world has this law of never ending clamours and bloodsheds. And I’m talking from the root’s perspective, not this middle layer of cause and consequences. Because, well there, you can justify almost everything.

Another line of thoughts that sparked from the above events (which also connects dots from my previous post) is what’s there in the caste (or perhaps literally just the name) which can make a human just hate another human to the extent that they would kill them for just trying to have a decent and respectful life.
Today, by the virtue of being grown up and raised in a not so lower caste family and a civilized (I call those civilized who don’t kill unless there’s a threat to their own life or if they’re saving someone else’s by that) society, I was never subjected to this evil of discrimination and the oppression that it brings. I guess, that’s why I can even write this all with so much objectivity and in a stable state of mind. But what if not?
What if I was born in a family that was considered the so called lower caste. What all troubles and oppression I would have had to face. I either would have been silently submitting to it or if I was a courageous one, I would be fighting it but neither of these would have changed any bit of the oppressing situation and the kind of life I would be leading as a result. Do I want to live in such a world? Hell, NO. Then why should I even create such a world for someone else. What if, any of the oppressors were born in any of the families they oppress.
What if someday the world took a magical turn and the roles were reversed, will these same humans want it like that? Do they really need to be put in that place to actually realise the gravity of this evil.

I still am puzzled and stuck at the WHY of it. I can only wish (not courageous enough to do anything perhaps) the good for all the oppressed that some day they get the justice they deserve. As a baby step I will ensure that whoever I bestow my legacy upon become of the same opinion on this as I am. My children (when I have them), the people who listen to me, who follow me, the friends, the family, anywhere, anyone, anytime, when I speak of it, I ensure to take the human side of the things. I guess that’s how cultures are formed, a thought stirring at one place, spreading and creating ripples. Even if I can’t take an active action, this passive effort I believe has the strength to change something.

You try it too!
Meanwhile be thankful that(if) you are not facing the What if, see you again!!

Note: I wrote this not to stir any morality in an oppressor (I know they wouldn’t get a word of it in their heads). This is for those who find it easy to call names/make fun of the receivers of the oppression. Especially the so called upper caste who takes no time in giving a tough look when it comes to react to anything on reservation system. Yes, you are facing difficulties because of this system, and you think why not a deserving should get the opportunity, but would you stop for a minute and think, what if those not so deserving were not even getting the opportunity to become deserving (that is the reason in the first place why this system came into existence).
Both sides are facing problems, what is the middle way? Well, if the uppers want to make it fair for themselves, they make it fair for the other side first. Treat them well, let them have their rights and oppportunities. Will they? I’m hopeless!! Can the system fix this, can they hold the balance equally, I hope it does someday!